The Domaine des Tonneaux constitutes a set of 50 hectares, in the heart of the vineyard charentais in “Petite Champagne”.

Since 1850, the experience and the traditional knowledge in the fabrication of Pineau des Charentes and Cognac have been passed down for 6 generations.

In a velvet ambiance, with the soft and red-copper glow of the still, you will learn the principles of distillation : a first passage in the still transforms the wine into “brouillis” which changes completely into “eau-de-vie” during the second distillation.



In the darkness of the spirits storehouses, Pineau and Cognac age slowly in oak casks acquiring their unique fineness, taste, perfume and colour.



Domaine des Tonneaux

14 rue des Tonneaux


Tel : +33 5 46 49 57 19

Fax : +33 5 46 49 57 33